Big things for small businesses.

We’ve always had this crazy notion that every business should have access to the best back-office support, no matter what their size. We help sole-traders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, family-run businesses, and just about anyone else who finds admin a bind and web stuff a challenge.

Through our combined work experience, we feel confident that we can offer a solution to almost any behind-the-scenes ‘gap’ in your business. This could be from an old and out-of-date website that needs refreshing, designing stationery for your new business or helping to put a workflow process in place that supports you, rather than hinders you.

And we don’t provide a “one size fits all” approach either. We listen to what you need, then work out how best to implement a solution that compliments your way of working, rather than you having to learn a whole new set of skills.

Who are we?

Lowenna Luke  /  Director

Fuelled primarily by coffee, Lowenna is the digital creative at Awenek’s heart. She draws on over 30 years’ of experience in various sectors, to assist in problem-solving & innovative thinking.

Jamie Luke  /  Director

Jamie brings a wealth of management experience in many different industries. He gives excellent advice for how to improve your business efficiency through use of technology and/or improving processes.